Seraph Protection Group

Global armed security and risk advisory firm

Global security firm with focus on intelligence and risk mitigation

Offices and representatives in Africa, (South-East) Asia, Europe, Latin America and the USA.

“Intelligence based operations combined with covert presence is always preferred over a show of force”

Client and region specific security solutions

We advise clients on intelligence and security issues, train person(s) on emergency operations such as escaping from restraints, evasive driving, and survival medicine. Then we offer protection from highly trained security professionals.

Comprehensive security service offering
  • Protective Security Details for transport of individuals through high risk areas
  • Executive protection (covert & overt) in urban and rural settings
  • High-risk protection of assets (e.g. Static armed Guard services / Anti-terrorism Officers)
  • Kidnap for ransom countermeasures
  • Risk management including threat & risk assessments
  • Security intelligence & countermeasures
  • Emergency evacuation from remote areas and hot-zone