Seraph Protection Group

Cyber Security

Cyber Defense Unit: “Identification and management of vulnerable human behaviors which lead to increased cyber security risks”

Our Cyber Defense Unit provides specialized “Human Factor”- based intelligence for infrastructure target hardening against cyber attacks/terrorism and hostile cyber reconnaissance.

Our team will provide you with a sophisticated review of your company’s social engineering exposure/risks. Moving beyond the limits of the classic, system-based pentest, we comprehensively identify cyber security and human factor weaknesses within  your organization.

Our unique set of services will not only expose, but also continuously monitor avenues available for hostile cyber reconnaissance of individuals on your staff (or under your protection).

  • Open Source Intelligence (OSINT) report on Senior Executives / Principals with detailed recommendations on how to limit their cyber exposure
  • OSINT risk monitoring & reporting (one-off / subscription): Automated OSINT monitoring of your organization and Senior Executives / Principles based on standard online chatter / key word tracking modules. Our platform is tailored, automated and continuously kept up to date for new data sources
  • Human Factor Pentest: Our flagship product is the completely customizable Social Engineering Engagement (SEE), which results in a detailed report and personalized recommendations/training on how to harden the “Human Factor” cyber exposures of your organization
Cyber Investigations Unit: “Hostile target identification, monitoring and proactive cyber intelligence gathering”

Our Cyber Investigations Unit applies cyber intelligence to establish and monitor threats made by hostile individuals, groups or nations against specific human and/or Infrastructure targets.

A threat analysis and risk assessment is conducted based on OSINT monitoring of hostile individuals and their network(s).

Our team of CULTINT (Cultural Intelligence) and CP (Criminal Profiling) Specialists put the OSINT analysis in its relevant context to establish the optimal threat level the individual and/or network poses to the target.

Where required, further proactive intelligence gathering is applied, making use of HUMINT (Human Intelligence gathering) and “honeypot” applications.